Saint Vincent de Paul Parish   Dutzow, MO and
Immaculate Conception Parish  Augusta, MO
Parish Mission Statement
St. Vincent de Paul at Dutzow, high above the surrounding countryside, shares
with its faithful a rich heritage of Catholic belief. As God’s people our Mission is
to make Jesus Christ present in our daily lives through Divine worship;
Christian education and service to our neighbor; to strive through ethical
conduct, generous hearts, and industrious lives; to give glory and honor to God.

Tuesday 7:00 – 7:15 pm at SV
Saturday 4:15 - 4:45 pm at SV
Any other time by appointment.

SV Perpetual Help Devotions are held Tuesday after Mass
IC Perpetual Help Devotions are held Monday after Mass

Eucharistic Adoration
SV- Every Tuesday 5:00-7:30pm
IC- Second Thursday of every month (odd months)
5:00-7:00pm with Benediction and prayers starting at 7:00pm
IC Parish Council/Finance
Connie Struckhoff- Chair
Lori Aholt
Tom Aholt
Carroll Struckhoff
Doug Holdmeyer
Mary Ann Kluesner
Guy Middleton
Doug Paule
Ken Daming

SV Parish Council
Brenda Napier -Chair
Rick Schwentker-Vice Chair
Lisa Mayer -Sec      
Doug Hindersmann
Dan Miller
Pam Rodriguez
John Matlick
Rick Mueller
Bob Rothrock

SV Finance Committee
Lorraine Struckhoff- Chair       
Karen Holtmeyer        
Gena Mayer                      
Rick Gratza                  
Dan Wessel
Tony Ballmann

School Board
Mark Spann-Principal
Kelly Schwoeppe-Pres
Kelly Borgerding- Vice Pres
Jennifer Maune-Sec
Jennifer Elbert
Aimee Wessel
Trisha Goins
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Parish Mission Statement
As members of Immaculate Conception Parish in Augusta and members of the
Archdiocese of St. Louis, we seek to live our Catholic Faith in union with the
Archbishop.  Faithful to the Gospel values of our Lord Jesus Christ, we strive to fulfill
our baptismal call by worshipping together, sharing our faith, and serving others in the
name of Jesus.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to be responsible
stewards of God's gifts.  All for the Glory of God and the good of all people
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Mass Times

IC ~Immaculate Conception in Augusta
SV ~St. Vincent de Paul in Dutzow

Monday          8:00 am at IC
Tuesday         7:30 pm at SV
Wednesday   8:00 am at SV
Thursday       8:00 am at IC
Friday              8:00 am at SV  
(During the school year Wed. & Fri. Masses are school Masses)
(No Friday Masses from May 22-August 21, 2015)

Saturday:       5:00pm (Sunday Vigil) at SV

Sunday:          8:00 am at IC
10:00 am at SV

Holy Days:     Please check here or the bulletin
for Holy Day schedules.
Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Thirsting for God
Perhaps there is no better example for the universal human thirst for God than the
Samaritan woman at the well.  The Samaritan woman has been living a sinful life
and has struggled to live the virtue of chastity.  Her reaction is typical and
resembles most individuals’ reactions to the truth of Christianity today, namely,
rejection and anger.  Over time, though, she realizes that Jesus is genuinely
seeking her salvation and He longs to satisfy the desires of her heart.  Just as
Jesus sought the eternal salvation of the Samaritan woman, he seeks us out as
well.  He continually reaches out to us and desires our eternal salvation.
Paragraph 27 of the Catechism provides us with a beautiful summary of the
Gospel today:  “The desire for God is written in the human heart, because man is
created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself. Only
in God will he find the truth and happiness he never stops searching for.”  Will we
allow God to draw us to Him?
So many parishioners find each of our parish’s myparish app so helpful in getting updated information, messages,
bulletins, calendars, and spiritual renewal items.  It has become an important way to get important information about
illnesses, emergencies, and death notices and visitation information quickly to as many as possible.

Consider becoming a part of the myparish app community.
.  Go to your app store to download the app, place in the zip code, click on the parish, and you’re in!  There are
also cards in the vestibules which also give information about myparish app.
For those who currently use the app, please remember to update your app every so often.  To do that, click on the button
to ‘change parish’ and then click back on your home parish.  It’s that simple.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. For
God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.”  (John 3:16-17)

The Church has always helped us fulfill these words of Jesus by prescribing very definite penance for all Catholics, so that we too might
have Eternal life. Accordingly, the Pope and the American Bishops have outlined obligatory fast and abstinence as follows:
Ash Wednesday (March 1, 2017) and Good Friday (April 14, 2017) are days of abstinence for all Catholics over the age of 14. On these two
days, fast, as well as abstinence, is also obligatory for those from the ages of 18-59. Abstinence means refraining from meat. Fast means
one full meal a day, with two smaller meals and nothing between meals (liquids are permitted). No Catholic will lightly excuse himself or
herself from this obligation.
All Fridays in Lent are days of abstinence from meat. Here again Catholics will not hold themselves lightly excused, but if there is a serious
health problem, this obligation would not apply.
We should strive to make all days of Lent a time of prayer and penance. Following are several resources that can aid in finding different
forms of prayer and penance.
THIS weekend, after all Masses, there will be a membership drive for all interested in
joining the Knights of Columbus, a  vital international fraternal men’s organization.  It
was founded by Fr. McGivney to provide an opportunity for men to be of service to their
parishes and the community at large.  We are most appreciative for all the works that
our brother Knights provide for our cluster parishes.  Please see the Knight rep after
Mass for more information.
April 9        PALM SUNDAY  5pm Sat (SV) 7:30am (IC) Please note change
from regular time,10am (SV).  Palms blessed and distributed at all
Masses.  Palm Sunday Festival and Dinner (SV) 11am-6pm.

April 10        Monday of Holy Week.  Mass & Devotions 8am IC

April 11        Tuesday of Holy Week.  Adoration 5:30-7:30. Confessions 6:
30-7:15.  Rosary 7:15.  Mass 7:30.  Adoration & Stations follow SV

April 12        Wednesday of Holy Week. Mass 8am. School Confessions
10am.  JOINT PARISH PENANCE SERVICE 6:30pm SV.  Extra Priests.

April 13        HOLY THURSDAY.  NO morning Mass except Mass of Chrism
at Cathedral 10am.  NO Communion Calls. EVENING MASS OF THE
LORD’S SUPPER 7:30pm SV Church open after Mass till 10pm for private

April 14        GOOD FRIDAY.  Day of fast & abstinence.  NO morning Mass.
STATIONS OF THE CROSS Noon. IC with Confessions following.  
group setting up pool after service.

EASTER VIGIL which counts for Sunday obligation 8pm SV.

April 16        EASTER SUNDAY.  Masses 7:30am & 10am at both IC & SV.

Welcome Fr. Kevin Schmittgens, celebrating all Masses
this weekend.  THIS COMING WEEK:  Communion
Services Tuesday evening, and Wednesday & Friday
morning. Keep Fr. Gene in prayer this week as he leads the
people of St. Anne’s in Davidsville, PA in Parish Mission.  
Fr. Gene will return Friday evening, March 31.

Palm Sunday dinner is fast approaching.  We need Cherry booth items.  
Sign ups for desserts and donations in the vestibule.  Thank You!