Saint Vincent de Paul Parish   Dutzow, MO and
Immaculate Conception Parish  Augusta, MO
Parish Mission Statement
St. Vincent de Paul at Dutzow, high above the surrounding countryside, shares with its faithful a rich
heritage of Catholic belief. As God’s people our Mission is to make Jesus Christ present in our daily
lives through Divine worship; Christian education and service to our neighbor; to strive through
ethical conduct, generous hearts, and industrious lives; to give glory and honor to God.

Tuesday 7:00 – 7:15 pm at SV
Saturday 4:15 - 4:45 pm at SV
Any other time by appointment.

SV Perpetual Help Devotions are held Tuesday
after Mass
IC Perpetual Help Devotions are held Monday
after Mass

Eucharistic Adoration
SV- Every Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm
IC- Second Thursday of every month (odd months)
5:00-7:00pm with Benediction and prayers
starting at 7:00pm
IC Parish Council/Finance Committee
Connie Struckhoff- Chair
Lori Aholt
Tom Aholt
Carroll Struckhoff
Mary Ann Kluesner
Guy Middleton
Doug Paule
Ken Daming

SV Parish Council
Doug Hindersmann-Chair
Darren Holtmeyer
Donna Hellebusch
Greg Schneider
Rick Mueller
Bob Rothrock

SV Finance Committee
Lorraine Struckhoff- Chair       
Karen Holtmeyer        
Gena Mayer                      
Rick Gratza                  
Dan Wessel
Tony Ballmann
Parish Mission Statement
As members of Immaculate Conception Parish in Augusta and members of the Archdiocese of St.
Louis, we seek to live our Catholic Faith in union with the Archbishop.  Faithful to the Gospel values
of our Lord Jesus Christ, we strive to fulfill our baptismal call by worshipping together, sharing our
faith, and serving others in the name of Jesus.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to
be responsible stewards of God's gifts.  All for the Glory of God and the good of all people
Mass Times
IC ~Immaculate Conception in Augusta
SV ~St. Vincent de Paul in Dutzow

Monday          8:00 am at IC
Tuesday         7:30 pm at SV
Wednesday   8:00 am at SV
Thursday       8:00 am at IC
Friday              8:00 am at SV  

Weekend Mass Times:
Saturday:       4:00pm (Sunday Vigil) at SV

Sunday:          8:00 am at IC
          10:30 am at SV

Holy Days:     Please check the bulletin for Holy
Day schedules.

If you haven’t gotten the app yet, there is no more crucial time than now to have it.  It’s free.  
Just text ‘App’ to 88202, or visit on your phone and download the app for both apple and android.  

If you’d like to be in the loop, there is a sign up sheet for your e-mail address in the back of SV.  If you know someone who
doesn’t have any of this close by, make sure you drop them a bulletin or give them a call.

We are all in this TOGETHER.

Please read all of this information carefully.

RECORDING:  I will still be recording Mass on Saturdays, at
least through the summer, and possibly beyond. Folks seem
to be enjoying that. Since the dispensation from the
obligation to attend is lifted for the foreseeable future, you
may still watch it at home if you choose.

MASKS: Everyone who wishes to attend public Mass MUST
wear a mask
.  If you can’t find one, I will have masks
available.  They are $1 a piece.  Please have correct change.  
This includes children and infants.  If there is a problem with
smaller children wearing a mask, then they need to stay
home, at least for these first weeks. There is plenty of hand
sanitizer for your use.  It is suggested to use it as you enter.  

•        Those who are symptomatic or have been exposed to
another with the virus are not permitted to enter.
•        Those who are at risk because of some underlying
health issue, or the elderly are strongly encouraged, for their
own health, to avoid the risk of attending public celebrations
of the Mass.
•        If you have a cough for any reason (allergies), or a cold,
might be a good idea to stay home.

IC will be able to handle approx.. 40-50 in
church, and overflow in the hall with TV for about another 40.
SV will be able to handle approx.. 100 for each Mass.  These
numbers are dependent upon the number of singles,
couples, or family groups attending.  Please follow the
directions from the USHERS. Thanks to Parish
Council/Finance members, who are volunteering.

WEEKDAY:  If you are feeling uncomfortable about the larger
groupings at this time, consider coming to a weekday Mass
to receive Communion. Monday & Thursday 8am at IC;
Tuesday 7:15pm with rosary & devotions, and Wednesday &
Friday 8am at SV.

TIME CHANGE:  Please note time change for the 2 SV
Masses.  4pm instead of 5pm on Saturday, so that Mass can
be recorded and uploaded.  10:30 instead of 10 on Sunday.  
Mass remains at 8am on Sunday at IC
COLLECTION:  Please place the collection in the container in
the center aisle as you enter or leave.  There will be no taking
up of collection during Offertory time.

available for personal use, as well as bulletins.  You must
pick them up yourself.  They will not be handed out. After
Mass, hand the papers to the ushers who will discard them.  
They will not be reused.

VOLUNTEERS:  There will be sign up lists in the vestibules
for volunteers to help usher in these coming weeks, and, at
St. Vincent, as we have 2 Masses, to help sanitize the pews
after the 4pm Mass.
OPEN: So that the ushers can be here and be ready, Church
will open ½ hour before Mass begins.

COMMUNION:  Please note markings and keep distance
between communicants.  Communion only in the hand.  
Please say ‘Amen’, receive in hand, then step to the side
before pulling down your mask, communicate yourself, then
put mask back on.

AFTER MASS:  This will probably be the most difficult, as
many leave early or during the song.  We will be dismissing
by row, so that people can keep the 6-foot social distancing.  
Depending on how many people attend, we may have one
side leave by side door, and the other by front door.
I know folks like to gather after, but
please respect social distancing.

These and other rules have been given to us by all the
bishops of the state of Missouri. Should we become a ‘hot
spot’, we will have to close.  I think we will be fine if we
practice patience, and respect for each other as a member of
the parish family. The first few weeks we will be learning; it
will get easier as we go along.  Let us take care of each other
and pray for each other.
Guidelines have been given to us by the Archdiocese for the beginning of public Masses. Please CLICK and read the following:
>>>Restart of Public Masses Frequently Asked Questions
>>>Health Guidelines for Social Distancing
and view the CDC poster:
>>>"What You Can Do"

Scroll down for more information and check the weekly bulletin as well.
Weekly Guide for Daily Prayer  ~  First Week of Advent

Sunday is the beginning of a new liturgical year with the First Sunday of Advent. The first reading from the Prophet Isaiah as the people
repent before God: “Would that you might meet us doing right, that we were mindful of you in our ways!” Mark's gospel offers the image of
the master who leaves his servants in charge while he is away. Be watchful! Be alert!

Monday is the Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle. Thursday is the Memorial of St. Francis Xavier.

During the first part of Advent - until December 17 - we focus on the first reading. This week it is from the Prophet Isaiah. These readings
are about promises. Isaiah is consoling, building up and preparing his people to have hope. “In the days to come,” he says over and over.
When the day of promise comes, “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; One nation shall not
raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.” Even though King David's line, and that of his father, Jesse, are almost
wiped out, Isaiah proclaims hope: “On that day, a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse, and from his roots a bud shall blossom.”
Who would believe even a peace in nature - lion lying down with the lamb? “There shall be no harm or ruin on all my holy mountain; for the
earth shall be filled with knowledge of the LORD, as water covers the sea.” God's unique ways of favoring the poor, which Mary comes to
know and proclaims in her Magnificat, are seen when Isaiah says, “He humbles those in high places, and the lofty city he brings down; He
tumbles it to the ground, levels it with the dust.” Even Jesus' own statement about his mission is seen in the powerful images Isaiah uses
to give us courage and hope: “On that day the deaf shall hear ... the eyes of the blind shall see ... the lowly will ever find joy in the LORD ... ”
“On the day the LORD binds up the wounds of his people.”

The gospels for this first part of Advent are chosen from several gospels. They are meant to match the first readings and to show that the
promises are fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus brings healing. He raises up the childlike. And Jesus calls and sends the twelve apostles to
continue his ministry.

In the Second Sunday of Advent we hear Isaiah write of a voice that cries out in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of the LORD! Make straight
in the wasteland a highway for our God!” These lines from the prophet are repeated in the Mark's Gospel as we are introduced to John the
Baptist who prepares the way for Jesus. John says, “One mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the
thongs of his sandals. I have baptized you with water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”
Daily Prayer This Week

Despite all of the distractions at this time of year, we really can focus on Advent during these weeks. We seem to get very busy, and at
times have to go to a number of social events or wrestle with budgets and shopping, but the heart of this season is all about expectant
hope. So, we begin our Advent journey by giving ourselves some time - just a few minutes each day - to reflect on how much God promises

Each morning this week, while we are first coming to consciousness, we can name a desire, name an emptiness or feeling of anxiety or
worry which we can feel. It is into the raw places in our lives such as these, that our Lord came to be with us. So, this week, we can begin to
invite our Lord to be Incarnate in our lives, in the places we need him the most.

Our goal this week is to let ourselves feel like those to whom the promises of our God are made. We want to get in touch with ourselves,
especially those parts of ourselves that are in need of a Savior. We do this by keeping our focus on the places that feel like a desert, the
places that feel like we've been through a war, the places that feel like a lifeless stump. When we have a hard time seeing, we ask for the
grace to be able to believe the promise that we shall see. When we seem deaf, we place our trust in the One who assures us that we will
hear. And when we feel beaten down and awfully lowly, we turn to the One who promises that we will “find joy in the Lord.” And, who among
us doesn't have days on which we are aware of various kinds of wounds? On the day of promise, “the Lord binds up the wounds of his

As we let these deep realities of our daily, busy lives come into focus and interact with the readings, something wonderful happens. We
become more and more aware of our need for God. Very naturally and quite spontaneously, a prayer comes forth from deep within us,
which we can say in the smallest moments of our busiest days. “Come, Lord.” “Come and save me.” “Come and be with me in all of these
messy, empty, dry and disordered places in my life.” “Come, Lord. I feel my longing for you grow. I feel my hope grow. And, as I place my
hope in your promises, Advent begins to come alive in me.”

All of this preparation can happen in the simplest way, before the first Christmas decoration goes up. And, for each moment of each day
that we encounter a place that we desire, that we long for our Lord's coming, we can express our thanksgiving. Each night we might pray:
The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear?
The LORD is my life’s refuge; of whom should I be afraid?” (Ps. 27)

(Taken from the "Weekly Guide for Daily Prayer" on the Creighton University's Online Ministries web site:
html Used with permission.)
Now that students are back in school, NO VISITORS IN THE BUILDING- neither for school business, nor parish
We will update you on the days when parish office is open shortly. Please try to take care of everything by phone calls to
school office or parish office, or emails.  If you need to drop something off, we will meet you at the door.  Thanks so
much for your kind attention to this.  We’re just trying to keep everyone safe!

During the Advent and Christmas Seasons, weekday and weekend
Mass times will remain the same, unless listed below:

Weekday Mass Times:
Monday          8:00 am at IC
Tuesday         7:30 pm at SV
Wednesday   8:00 am at SV
Thursday       8:00 am at IC
Friday              8:00 am at SV  

Weekend Mass Times:
Saturday:  4:00pm (Sunday Vigil) at SV
This Mass is recorded in addition to being a public Mass.

Sunday:  8:00 am at IC
            10:30 am at SV


Sunday, December 20: 8:00 am at IC
                                    10:30 am at SV
Decorate Churches for Christmas after Masses today.

Monday, December 21: Parish Reconciliation at 6:60pm with
additional Priests

Thursday, December 24: Christmas Eve
4pm (recorded) Mass at SV
11pm Mass at SV
Midnight Mass at IC

Friday, December 25: Christmas Day
8am Mass at IC
10:30am Mass at SV

Saturday, December 26: 4:00pm (recorded) at SV

Sunday, December 27: Feast of the Holy Family         
8am at IC
10:30 am at SV

Thursday, December 31: Solemnity Vigil
4pm (recorded) Mass at SV

Friday, January 1: Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
8am Mass at IC
10:30am Mass at SV

Saturday, Jaunary 2: 4:00pm (recorded) at SV

Sunday, December 27: Epiphany of the Lord
8am at IC
10:30 am at SV