Saint Vincent de Paul Parish   Dutzow, MO and
Immaculate Conception Parish  Augusta, MO
Parish Mission Statement
St. Vincent de Paul at Dutzow, high above the surrounding countryside, shares
with its faithful a rich heritage of Catholic belief. As God’s people our Mission is
to make Jesus Christ present in our daily lives through Divine worship;
Christian education and service to our neighbor; to strive through ethical
conduct, generous hearts, and industrious lives; to give glory and honor to God.

Tuesday 7:00 – 7:15 pm at SV
Saturday 4:00 - 4:15 pm at IC
Any other time by appointment.

SV Perpetual Help Devotions are held Tuesday after Mass
IC Perpetual Help Devotions are held Monday after Mass

Eucharistic Adoration
SV- Every Tuesday 5:00-7:30pm
IC- Second Thursday of every month (odd months)
5:00-7:00pm with Benediction and prayers starting at 7:00pm
IC Parish Council/Finance
Connie Struckhoff- Chair
Lori Aholt
Tom Aholt
Carroll Struckhoff
Doug Holdmeyer
Mary Ann Kluesner
Guy Middleton
Doug Paule

SV Parish Council
Dan Miller -Chair
Brenda Napier-Vice Chair
Coletta Hakenewerth -Sec      
John Matlick
Mike Wessel
Bob Good
Pam Rodriguez
Rick Mueller
Rick Schwentker

SV Finance Committee
Lorraine Struckhoff       
Karen Holtmeyer        
Gina Mayer
David Meyer                      
Rick Gratza                  
Dan Wessel

School Board
Kelly Cassinger-Principal
Chris Molitor-Pres
Sara Maune- Vice Pres
JoAnn Struckhoff-Sec
Pam Fleer
Corrine Mallincrodt
Jared Carroll
Kelly Schwoeppe
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Parish Mission Statement
As members of Immaculate Conception Parish in Augusta and members of the
Archdiocese of St. Louis, we seek to live our Catholic Faith in union with the
Archbishop.  Faithful to the Gospel values of our Lord Jesus Christ, we strive to fulfill
our baptismal call by worshipping together, sharing our faith, and serving others in the
name of Jesus.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to be responsible
stewards of God's gifts.  All for the Glory of God and the good of all people
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Mass Times

IC ~Immaculate Conception in Augusta
SV ~St. Vincent de Paul in Dutzow

Monday          8:00 am at IC
Tuesday         7:30 pm at SV
Wednesday   8:00 am at SV
Thursday       8:00 am at IC
Friday              8:00 am at SV  
(During the school year Wed. & Fri. Masses are school Masses)

Saturday:       4:30 pm (Sunday Vigil) at IC
6:30pm (Sunday Vigil) at SV

Sunday:          7:30 am at IC
10:00 am at SV

Holy Days:     Please check here or the bulletin
for Holy Day schedules.
Here is general Mass information during bad weather:

Weekends:  In general, barring severe weather, there will always
be weekend Masses.  Use common sense.  We have an obligation
to worship on the Lord’s Day.  We do not have an obligation to put
ourselves or others in danger because of road conditions.  We have
lots of folks living on side roads that may not be taken care of as
well as Hwy. 94.  Use your good judgment.

Weekdays:  The general rule is, if St. Vincent School is cancelled,
there is no Mass that day.
Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Forms of Prayer

It is important for us to include the 4 main forms of prayer into
our conversations
with God. There is an acronym that can help with this: ACTS -
1) Adoration (acknowledgement that we are creatures of the
2) 2) Contrition (interior repentance)
3) 3) Thanksgiving (gratitude for blessings)
4) 4) Supplication (petition).
The Eucharist contains and expresses all the forms of prayer.
Do you cultivate
these forms of prayer in your prayer life? Have you ever
attended a life-changing
retreat, such as ACTS or Christ Renews His Parish?

Dynamic Catholic, Alive! – Expressions of Prayer

How do you pray? The Church has identified 3 expressions of

1) vocal prayer (associating the body with the interior prayer
of the heart)

2) meditation (engagement of thought, imagination, and
emotion to deepen our faith)

3) contemplation (a simple gaze upon God in silence and

The feature common to all of them is attention to the presence
of God in the heart. Do you have a favorite expression of
Fr. William DeBiase, O.F.M. will speak at all the Masses the weekend of
February 7th
about a ministry providing direct relief to the poor throughout
Latin America and the Caribbean. Fr.DeBiase will share personal witness
about Food for the Poor’s mission to care for the
destitute as a means of
living out the Gospel mandate to love one another.

Fr. DeBiase was ordained in 1966 for the Franciscan Order. He served as
a missionary in Japan for over 20 years, worked with St. Mother Teresa of
Calcutta, and served with the Franciscans in Jerusalem. Besides
preaching on behalf of Food for the Poor, Fr. Bill serves at St. Francis Inn, a
soup kitchen, in the inner city of Philadelphia.

Please welcome him. There will be NO collection, but information should
you like to contribute to their ministry. We’ve had a number of missionaries
who were hard to understand. Well, Fr. Bill comes with a definite accent:
from Brooklyn, New York! I spoke with him over the phone and he sounds
delightful. Extend to him some of our Dutzow and Augusta hospitality!
No, our 8th graders didn’t meet the pope. This was set up in the crypt church area of the National
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Our students (and their adult chaperones) had a full 4 days
that was both informative and inspiring.
THANK YOU to all who supported their fundraising efforts to make this an excellent trip for them. As all
the youth were told at the March for Life Rally before the march, THEY are the LIFE GENERATION.
Hopefully what they experienced here will stay with them into adulthood as they work and vote on life
1st Sunday Breakfast at St. Vincent
serving 7-11am AND
School Open House
Feb. 1, 8:30-11:30am

All are Welcome!
Fr. Jim Foster from Port Hudson and I will be gone from this
Sunday and return late Friday, February 13. The service
schedule is as follows:

Monday & Tuesday, Feb. 2 & 3, and 9 & 10, no services.

Tuesday Feb. 2 & 9, no Adoration

Thursday, Feb. 5 & 12, Communion Service at IC, 8am.

Wednesday & Friday, Feb.4 & 6, and 11 & 13, Mass with Fr.
Tom Miller from IHM New Melle at 10am.